Export Assurance itself is neither a law firm nor a public accounting firm. The "Export Assurance Team" refers to the management group organized and coordinated by Export Assurance which draws upon, as appropriate, outside groups of corporate, federal and state tax, financing and regulatory lawyers, accountants, on-site managers and others, which together comprise the turnkey package of services coordinated by Export Assurance. Each professional organization performs its respective functions and is responsible for such, although the functions are coordinated by Export Assurance. From time to time Export Assurance's assembled team includes lawyers, accountants and other professionals chosen by Export Assurance's clients apart from Export Assurance's usual team. For brevity

throughout this website "Export Assurance" has been used interchangeably and includes for purposes of this website these outside service providers (such as lawyers, accountants and other professionals), whether they are designated by the client or as drawn from Export Assurance's usual working team, but all of which are nonetheless coordinated by Export Assurance as part of its turnkey package of services.


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